Why Does a Wedding Photographer Charge So Much?

Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding does not necessarily mean you are breaking the bank but it does not come cheap either. So, why pay much for a photographer who spends only a few hours with you on your big day? Read on so you can understand why your photographer’s compensation needs to be a little higher than what you think is fit.

There is more to photography than cameras and clicks

There is a lot more to photography than simply turning up to an event, press some buttons, and handing hard copies of photos. Many people fail to consider the huge amount of time spent behind the scenes after the event is done.

·         Processing

A photographer’s mettle is tested during processing. Photographers, on average, spend a total of 40 hours editing images to make them as vivid and flawless as possible. It is by far the most tedious task of a photographer. Imagine correcting each person’s imperfections and adding necessary effects for dozens of photos. It is inarguably an energy-sapping and time-consuming undertaking.

·         Designing

It is also a photographer’s responsibility to choose which images to print. Likewise, he has to put it all together in an album or in an online gallery in such a way that meets the criteria set out by the client. All these take time and skill, of course.

A photographer’s equipment entails expensive maintenance

A photographer’s equipment cost thousands of dollars. Not to mention the costs involved in maintaining cameras, lighting, and other equipment.  Thus, hiring a professional photographer also means paying for necessary equipment and presentation materials among many other things.

Photography is a skill and a talent honed by experience and an art degree

A photographer has a serious commitment in producing vivid images that evoke emotions and feelings. However, possessing a natural eye for light or composition is not enough to consider a photographer proficient. Photographers spend a good deal of time, sweat, and money on their education. They have accrued their technical skills and honed their artistic talent with years of training and practice. Likewise, they have to attend ongoing seminars and workshops to keep with the latest trends and technological advances. All these are reflected by your photographer’s rates.

Meetings and travel expenses 

Photographers are not expected to simply pop-up for brainstorming without getting paid. Time is money.  You need to compensate your photographer for the time he spent with you, just as you would pay your therapist as he listens to your ranting. Not to mention venue visits. A photographer has to check out the venue and find ideal spots for shots, unless your photographer has already been to your preferred wedding location. Generally, photographers have to suss out three to five spots for each wedding. 

Photographers are paying for cloud storage

After your wedding photos have been compiled in an album and copies are sent to families and relatives, your thoughtful Essex wedding photographer will ensure he keeps a soft copy of your precious photos just in case the worst thing happens. A majority of photographers will have to pay for cloud storage for at least five to seven years.

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